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Region 10 Education Service Center, Texas

I am writing to recommend Ed2Net Learning to meet your need for live online tutoring for students at a variety of grade levels.

The online tutors were able to establish a good rapport with the students, and the students were engaged in learning and expressed positive feelings about what they were learning and how they were progressing.

In addition to their excellent student services, Ed2Net has also been very professional in their submission of invoices, designing of tutoring schedules, provision of feedback on student progress, and other such areas between school and tutor.

After School Program, Dallas, Texas

TRM has partnered with Ed2Net since 2008, providing an innovative, live, customized, one-on-one online Math Tutoring program to help students at its afterschool center.

Our partnership with Ed2Net has yielded significant academic success among our students year after year. Last school year, out of 76 students that completed their pre and post assessments, nearly 60% of those students improved their assessment scores by at least 10% or higher. Additionally, 40% of those students also improved their end of the year math grades by at least 10% or higher.

Administrator, Academic Support and Community Service Center, Clark County School District, Nevada

We are very pleased with our partnership with Ed2Net Learning in providing online Math, Reading, Creative Writing, and Technology tutoring for our students from Grade K to 8.

The students really benefitted from the tutoring sessions gaining on an average between 21 and 52 percentage points on Math and Reading during the summer of 2014. The publication of books written by our students was really very motivating.

Parents of Grade 7 Student, Irving, TX

We never thought that online tutoring can be so effective. Our son looks forward to the session every week as he not only learns new topics but has also formed a bond with the teacher. He looks forward to the review sheets he gets after the topic is complete and this helps him to understand the concept better. The best thing about Ed2Net learning is that it follows the statewide curriculum also. We can track what he is learning and the feedback from the teacher helps me in understanding where the child needs more support.

Science Chair, Middle School, Houston, TX

“We received our Science scores over the weekend. Our Grade 8 students had a 76% passing rate! I am so excited. This ranked us 2nd in the district with a 16 point gain from last years scores.”

21st Century Coordinator, Rural School District, TX

The students really benefitted from the tutoring sessions gaining on an average between 12 and 20 percentage points over an 8 week period (Grade 1 to 12). Even more important was the enthusiasm that we saw among the students for the online learning sessions.

VP Education, After School Program, Greater Dallas, Texas

We have been very pleased with our partnership with Ed2Net’s Math & Reading online tutoring program over the last school year. The “Technology Learning” program this summer was an added bonus that our members enjoyed as well.

The members from all our participating Clubs really benefitted from the tutoring sessions, gaining on an average between a 10 and 15 percent increase in Math as well as Reading.

Principal, Elementary School, Dallas

Within weeks these students had moved from a wavering high 60th / 70th percentile passing to high 80th / 90th % passing. Some of these same students actually went commended on the math testing. Since those first students, we expanded our use of the program to include third and fourth graders in Reading & Math. Again we were pleased with the results.

Parents of Grade 4 student, Raleigh, NC

Ed2Net has been a big help for my son who is in 4th grade. We were reluctant at the beginning given that Kumon did not work for us. We are so glad to have tried this out. He is learning a lot from undivided attention he gets for his session over the web. This year my son has stayed ahead of the class and is now at the top of his class in Math. It is a tremendous boost to his confidence.

Parent of Grade 4 student, Dallas, TX

Thank you so much for all the great preparation and tutoring Ed2Net has provided for both the children. They are both doing excellent in math and have absolutely ADORED having the tutor. She was the perfect tutor for them and they really prospered under her instruction. We have received my daughter’s second six week math grade and she has a 98%

Parent of Grade 5 student, Dallas, TX

Ed2Net Team, We would like to share our sheer joy for the accomplishment that our daughter has achieved in her 5th grade TAKS test. She has got a perfect score…a 100… in MATH. We want to thank her teacher for the hard work and dedication that she has given to our daughter during last 8 months. Thanks.

Parents of Grade 5 student, Plano, TX

I can’t thank you enough for all of your help with my son in Reading and Math!!! He has only been tutoring with Ed2Net for 6 weeks – he took his TAKS Reading test and scored an 88! That is up 20 points – his last practice test score was a 68! We are thrilled. He has had tutoring every year, all year. We feel like we have tried everything – and we have! When we found out about the online tutoring, it seemed like a logical option for us to try because nothing else seemed to work. We are all still amazed that his score increased so dramatically!